Home AR-15 13.7” AR 15 Build | Geissele, Daniel Defense DDM4V7, AimPoint T2

13.7” AR 15 Build | Geissele, Daniel Defense DDM4V7, AimPoint T2


A friends 13.7 build that we slapped together over the past few years. Check out baby poop.

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  1. You like the Slingster bc you’ve never tried the Savvy Sniper Handmade sling. Made by former Seal(?) can’t remember the branch for sure. Check it out and then thank me later.

  2. how did you get the warcomp to make the 13.7 barrel 16'' after the pin and weld? i want to get the warcomp so i can use surefire supressors/warden. shims? washers?

  3. When did Daniel defense make a 13.7? I’m looking on their website and I only see 12.5 and 14.5? If anyone knows a good place to get a 13.7 or can elaborate on the Daniel defense barrels I’d appreciate it

  4. This sold me on a 13.7" found a 13.7" midlength Ballistic Advantage barrel and sent it. VLTOR stripped upper, American Built 13" handguard, Aero Lower, VLTOR stock, SOLGW NOX flash suppressor. Gonna be legitness. Now I just need to decide of I wanna go the LPVO route or Primary Arms fixed 5x optic.

  5. I’m in the process of building a 13.7 because the handguard I want for a 12.3 is out of stock everywhere.

    Once things calm down the 13.7 will probably become a back up.

    I’m not gonna bother pinning it And instead just run it on a pistol or SBR lower

  6. Guys dumb question so if I slap a Surefire SOCOM on my 13.7 300 blackout when it comes in I'll hit 16 inches right, also Max should I run a 13.9 barrel with the SOCOM or would a 13.7 be okay with a 13.5 rail

  7. you guys using a threadlocker like Loctite on your Geissele Micro mounts? or just cranking it down to spec? read some issues of them loosening up but dudes may not have torqued properly..

  8. Haha I just finally got my Daniel Defense sopmod block2 last week and chopped the barrel down and recrownd and threaded to a 13.7 with DA keymo flash hider pin n weld, mid length gas and she fuck'n slay's. Nice build with the Geissele rail by the way, Im ol'fashion with the ris2 rails

  9. I don’t know of much of a difference between the raptor and Geissele charging handles. Thought that was strange, could you elaborate?

  10. hey don't hate on spikes! 5 / 6 years ago they were the "hotness" of lower receiver builds.. (no not those crazy billet sharknado ones, those were terrible)

  11. I just sent my 300blk barrel to get chopped to 13.7. I'm using the same mk14 rail & geissele gas block, but I'm using a surefire comp. Looks dope.

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