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IWI Zion Z15TAC12: 12.5" AR Pistol Review


This is my review and range session with the IWI Zion Z15TAC12, which is their 12.5″ pistol with an 11.5″ Free Float Handguard, SB Tactical SBA3 Brace, and B5 Grip. I am running a Streamlight flash light and Magpul flip up sights Magpul also has a newer metal version that I have not tried yet

Rifle Mag holder:

Glock 19 accessories:
OWB Holster G19 w/ TRL7:
IWB Holster: G19 w/ TRL7:
Flash light:

Range Gear:
Sunglasses (Affordable Ballistic Glasses by Magpul) :
Belt by Blade Tech:
Shot Timer:
Pistol Mag holster by Black Hawk:
Rifle Mag holder:

Steel Targets:
AR500 Steel Hostage Target:
AR500 Steel Target 12″ x 1/2″ Gong:
(3) 12in.Tall IDPA Men Targets:

IDPA Targets:
Target Pasters:

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  1. I'd move that scope forward some. And mid length gas on a 12.5? Why? So sick of seeing pistol braces on anything shorter than 16. I use stocks I don't give a shit. My country my choice. Legal or not, who cares, look at all the other rules being broken by our own gov every God damn day

  2. do you need a tax stamp for the 12.5”? i read somewhere that if its under 16” you gotta register it i think im wrong can someone let me know

  3. “Range buddy T” is not training but playing make belief. Fuck me go do a course or two before he gets killed being an idiot.

  4. I have the exact pistol. Only I think I got mine to soon. I got mine in April and mine was 1199.99 with out tax but I also got 20 rounds and 2 iron sights with only 1 mag with window witch totally came to 1374.91 so I think that was ok for the price but I'm not sure. I haven't shot it yet but soon I hope. Thank you for the review. Can I change anything out on it like customize it in any way?

  5. I hope those braces stay legal, I just got a Smith and wesson 15-22 8" barrel a few weeks back and looking to get this one, I'd hate to have to go through tax stamps or destroy my brace, damnit, law abiding citizens practicing our 2nd amendment rights being hit hard 😒😟😕

  6. These are anything but run of the mill….at our shop, we've dissected them. Near as we can tell, the assembly follows Colts originally armorers instructions nearly to a T. These are duty use rifles….not weekenders

  7. I need your input and insight. I am going to buy an AR-15 and have narrowed my search to a bcm recce 16 or the iwi Zion 16"
    I was pretty set on the bcm, but have come across a ton of great reviews on the iwi lately. The iwi is much more affordable and seems to be very well made. I would use the rifle primarily for recreational use and some training courses once or twice a year. Although I have several pistols, I would like to add an AR due to the possibility of them being unavailable in the future. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. Thanks

  8. I just picked up mine last week(July 24,2021)
    Very good shooter. I popped on a red dot from another AR and zeroed it in. I got very nice groupings from a 15-20 yrd distance indoor just for a first time out.I will do longer distance outdoor very soon, The trigger is nice. Very short wall and reset.The break is nice. I want to try a Geissle flat trigger but I dont know if it would be worth it or not. The safety is not ambi like my Springfield Saint Edge but it is definitely more smoother and tactal. I love the grip. It is angled properly and has a very aggresisve grip texture. I believe sweaty hands wont change these grips. The only thing I dont like about the grips is the open bottom. I dont need storage there but I would rather it be enclosed vs open!

  9. Nice review and video. Gave me some answers I was looking for on this pistol, and it's just nice to see it in action. I especially like how they've got the SBA3 brace on there. They didn't cheap out on the furniture for it, or it's big brother, which I really appreciate. I've got the IWI Z15 16", and I am enjoying it so much I wanted to pick this one up next which I think I'll be doing now.

  10. I'm seriously about to buy one and I want to suppress it I'm just hoping it's not front heavy. I'm spoiled on my BCM enhanced lightweight barrel and lightweight bcm rail.

  11. Is this pistol ready to shot right out the box. I have a Spring Saint AR-15 long boy and all I had to do was add features and no upgrades to the rifle. I looking to purchase an AR- Pistol that I just need to buy features such as scope, red dot and etc.

  12. I’m a huge fan of 12.5in in the 5.56 chambering. Great length/velocity trade off, as well as the gas systems and gripping surface area.
    Channel looks good man. Love the way you’re growing.

  13. I have the same rifle without the brace "California resident", the stock but stock has a storage compartments. Nice set up.

  14. I want one of these really bad. I have a franken build 12.5 with a Blake King Firearms barrel that I think Ballistic Advantage makes for them. It came with a pinned gas block with the Ballistic Advantage logo on it. I sight my red dot Holosun HS503r in at 36 yards and it shoots 1/4 groups at 36 yards all day long. I am very happy with it but I am a Christian and want to support Israel and there is not one thing I would change on it. It is comes just the way I would build it saving me money. I found one online $780.00 including shipping no tax and my FFL dealer charges $20.00 transfer fee so it would cost me $800.00 total out the door. I also like the midlength gas system because the gas block it at the end of the handguard keeping heat away from my hand. Thanks for the review.

  15. I want it so bad I just hate how the atf is tryna ban the braces rn. It’s so risky and idk if they’ll get their way. I already commented on the federal reserve for the pistol brace ban so if any of you didn’t do that already pls do that

  16. I get the same blister on my middle finger, no matter what I use. It sucks. I always end up sanding the edges down, even with the BCM trigger guard. It doesn't matter what you do, if you shoot enough, you get the blister, lol.

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