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Nikon Monarch HG 8×42 Binoculars | AWC Equipment Locker


James Currie from A WILD Connection gives his overview of the Nikon Monarch HG 8 x 42.

This pair of Nikon binoculars is by far the most versatile set of optics for wildlife viewing. With one of the widest fields of view of any binocular on the market, a reasonable price-point, and exceptional ruggedness, we definitely recommend you consider making this binocular a staple every time you go out into the WILD!

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  1. I have a pair of these and they're awesome. They run $1000, but you can likely find a better pair of binoculars at that price point, but I think they are worth the $1000.

    If you're looking for binoculars, my rule(s) of thumb are:
    – don't spend less than $200, if you do, you're buying junk
    – low range price points are from $200 to $400, Celstron Trailblazer 8×42 ED are a good pair in this range
    – mid range is from $500 to $1000, the HG's fit well here, but the Leica Trinovid HD are probably a better value
    – high range is from $1000 to $2000, the Swarovski 8×42 SCL's are a great pair in this price range
    – the absolute best is $2000 and up, the new (as of 2020) Swarovski NL Pure line is supposed to be the absolute best binoculars currently made, but they're around $3000

    Spend as much as you can afford. Looking through a good pair of binoculars is an absolute joy, as this guy is trying to convey in this video. If you can afford the $3000 NL Pure's, buy them. You'll have them for life. And do consider this a lifetime buy.

    The big high quality brands are: Zeiss, Leica and Swarovski. Any pair from these will be well priced (i.e. you get what you pay for but they're not cheap), and you'll have lifetime product support in case they get damaged.

    If you want a pair for boat use, you have to get either lowre power (7x) or Image Stabilized.

  2. Great productions
    Really enjoy the birding adventures
    I am upgrating my binos, in your expirience do this hg are close to the edge?

  3. You really need to take an optics class! 🙂 Field flatness has no relation to the curvature of the lens in the way you describe it. All lenses are curved including the ones for flat field optics.

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