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The Best Streamlight Protac HLX Mount I Have Found Shaffer Machine


Shaffer machine has a great pressure pad mount for the Streamlight protac hlx M lok ready and very minimal.

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  1. Also found out Shaffer makes compensators for my AAC suppressor that you can never find and if you do people try to price gouge the hell out of you usually.

  2. Please continue to review the smaller parts. Hard the advertise and get the word out now for these smaller parts, and need to make sure we continue to support these small businesses.

  3. The Surefire ST-07 in a Magpul tape switch plate sits absolutely perfect in a Geissele Mk8/Mk4 rail. My favorite setup so far. Really hope Cloud comes out with a slim Mlok switch. I really don’t care for theirs other than the cable management is really nice. Too bulky and the buttons are small.

  4. I think these types of little detail things make for great content. I'm constantly tinkering and always looking for the perfect little piece of equipment to help streamline my gear, and I bet I'm not alone in that. Good stuff. 👍🏼

  5. I love this modular world we live in. Modular AR's.. Modular Glocks and Sigs.. the Same rails across everything.. You can pull your light off of your pistol and throw it right on your rifle– quick connect. Man– it's such a good time to be into firearms.

  6. I LOVE videos like this. It helps to narrow down the overwhelming options on the market regarding parts and accessories so thank you!

  7. Been running steam lights since the 90’s with Personal and mil applications. Still a huge fan of ranger bands, retainer bands, pipe clamps and zip ties. If it ain’t broke……don’t fix it. Great review as always my man. Cheers.

  8. "Do you like seeing the little parts in the video?" Yes, it's the little things that make the difference that we often over look. Great vid as always!

  9. Haha awesome, I was snagged one of these a few months ago on eBay and was wondering why nobody had done a vid yet on this excellent piece of kit

  10. I have that light and the mount but i did away with the pressure pad just because of this issue. Im running it with my thumb manually now…..may have to do this

  11. Mike / I got the Protac HL -X kit from Cloud Defense for $176 an Arisaka angle mount for $48 at the time total $224, plus shipping & tax. The LCS is a little bulky, although I like how you can make the wiring snag less. At the time of my build I didn't know CD made rails or I would have got one of there's which would have made the rail & mount even on the top. I like putting my switch on top.

  12. Reviews of these smaller parts is 80% of the reason why I’m subscribed to you. The LCS is kind of a pain to install but it works well, I didn’t even realize they made them until I was on their website for something else. I probably would have never found this product. The struggle is real for a durable and reliable mounting system for the protac pressure pads

  13. Looks like a really sweet setup for Sure !!!! And as far as the question on your videos / Content i personally very much appreciate short videos like this regarding small parts and finishing touches on a particular build. Sometimes these finishing touches is where it's at for sure !!!! Thank you for the great Content 😎👍

  14. I've been using m-lok hardware to mount my switch directly to my rail. Be sure to find the hardware with thinner screws to fit through the switch holes.

  15. Man l love Streamlight they can take a beating and for the money can't beat it, I still have my first TLR pistol light that l bought back in 06 for my Glock 22, she still going 350 lumens, now l run a TLR HL1 1000 lumens on my Glock 17 gen 5. Good video man.

  16. Why do you run your light off set? I’m building my first rifle and I’m really at the end but my weapon light system this is the video I need!

  17. You have great reviews. You plan on doing a video on the staccato p and a holster that works for it? Duty and off-duty?

  18. These are freaking cool, I have the Cloud LCS' on a couple rifles, they seem unnecessarily bulky…but they are picatinny mounted, this seem like they add the absolute most minimal material for mounting pressure pads.

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