Home AR-15 Polymer 80 AR-15 Pistol (Overview)

Polymer 80 AR-15 Pistol (Overview)


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  1. For some P80 might be the only option for a lower receiver if that's the case I would buy and prepare 2 maybe 4 just incase of cracks and failures…. Every citizen should be well armed

  2. hey man, i just want you to know that i have all the bells and notifications and shit like that but youtube never recommends me your videos, every time i forget to manually check on your channel i miss out stuff …

  3. You should have went with 80% arms I bought there jig gen3 did 2 so far both working fine and I used a router not a drill press I was very happy with my 80% build on both

  4. Yikes, NO bueno for the polymer lower IMO, but I wouldn't buy a polymer lower unless that was my only option. Thanks 4 letting us know your experiences and thoughts!

  5. It looks really nice !
    I think you did a great job, considering the lack of information on the construction. 🔧

  6. I like the idea behind the P80 stuff but the durability of the things I worry about. Great video as always. Thank you and stay safe.

  7. I've never attempted one of the polymer 80 build, but I have built a lot using KAK and MAS Defense parts. I've never had a problem with any. My very first build is my 10.5" using a MAS Defense barrel. Will easily hold a fist sized group at 200yds with just a red dot.

  8. A bit harsh, maybe. 🙂
    An image search for AR-15 Fire Control dimensions will turn up a few decent blueprints to work from. Those are useful in establishing tool path.
    I've only ever worked on Hybrid 80 so not sure if the same materials are used in the Polymer 80, but the Hybrid 80 cuts like reinforced nylon. One characteristic is that holes (like the one for your safety) can close a small amount after drilling. Using fine sandpaper can ease fit, or shave it to size by hand with a 3/8 end mill.
    Machining plastic is different from steel. The negative is dimensional stability but the positive is much lower cutting forces and relatively easy deburr and sizing after machining. It's not a bad trade off, making it possible to do with relatively low power equipment.

  9. Check to see that the safety detent pin channel in the lower is linning up properly with the channel in the grip and isnt causing the detent spring to bind. I had a Magpul grip that was slightly out of alignment it made the safey spongy and bind up, changed the grip and it was fine again.

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