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Republican Politician Pulls AR-15 During Road Rage Incident


This Republican is out of her mind! Adrienne Lawrence breaks it down.

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  1. She got cut off and pulled a gun…. Her words. He tried to get in front of us – she stopped herself from saying it but she said it. He tried to get in front of us? Wtf lady, you need removed like the rest. You live in the suburbs of Virginia, not the wild wild west.

  2. Destructive Republican uses force openly against citizen. Governor out of control? Citizens must protect from those who have been elected? Purpose of 2nd amendment/Time to fight back.

  3. In Australia we just had the 25th anniversary of the Port Arthur Massacre , that changed our gun laws .
    We have not had another Port Arthur style Massacre since changing the gun laws .
    Before the laws changed we had 13 mass shooting over 18 years , where the gunman did not know his victims ..
    Gun deaths almost halved from around 500 a year.
    We still have mass shootings , but they are ""Good Guys"" with guns , the farmer who shoots his wife , daughter and grandchildren.

  4. There's a reason why guns and weapons are banned from the senate floors. Those debates get heated and as we are all witnessing the insane mentally unstable trumpublicans are not fit or in the right frame of mind to be carrying around weapons. That woman should be arrested immediately.

  5. It absolutely amazes me at the number of trash human beings who are elected the government in the United States. I think this says a lot about the people in general who are electing these trash human beings. Shit hole country America.

  6. I mean I've had a couple of people tell me other people in fits of road rage walk out of their cars and to their cars in aggression that is a wild west mentality and if ur willing to get out of ur car and go to some1s else in fits of road rage it's not to setup a date and if they blow ur head off then it's ur own fault it's not different to a burglary

  7. She is psycho. Why? Because carrying weapons during legislative session is an open invitation to disaster. Also, republicans use weapons to intimidate people. Hey, I am a democrat.I got many guns too. I concealed carry all the time. However, I don;t feel that I have to intimidate people to live in a civilized society. You republicans are reactionary. You think that reverting back to the old west will help people. This is the reason why we have so many active shooter situation. Because people, unstable people, crazies and zealots think guns are the right tool to reshape society. Let’s hope republicans get sanity soon or go away, because I can guarantee you, guns are not the answer. Guns are the option of last last resort. Of course, republicans, like trump, suffers from a huge inferiority complex combined with their constant fear of every boogie man, or every shadow, they seem to see around. Wanna clear a room of republicans, yell “spider!”

  8. 2A — the great equalizer. Funny how they narrate, instead of showing the video. MSM trying to make the gun the problem. What? You road-rage someone's vehicle & expect a soft target – Surprise! MSM is so stupid!

  9. I'm far from a republican supporter but I disagree. I believe as an independent in our right to defend and protect my property against ANYONE that feels they can victimize others particularly me and my family.

  10. Ok & If the raging driver had a war weapon as well. Maybe even a grenade launcher? Hey anything goes when it comes to the second amendment right? I say he was standing his ground as he takes out her little entourage‼️ VERY STUPID TO SHOW A GUN IN THAT SITUATION‼️ You can not only get yourself killed but others around you because you want to play tough‼️ No matter how crazy she is there is always someone out their crazier & doesn’t give a what‼️THAT WAS STUPID‼️

  11. Since when did cutting someone off in traffic become a need to display lethal force? People who brandish their guns just to intimidate when their lives are not being threatened should lose their right to own arms.

  12. These people are afraid of what exactly? 🤡🤡🤡 It's okay to own a gun but most of these people are cowards an probably can't fight to save there Life so they have to use Force. Nothing wrong with guns but damn what are these people really scared of out here? I can see if zombies was taking over🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️ then okay this isn't the wild wild West my goodness 😂😂😂🙈

  13. My bet the “right to carry” that she is so supportive of is a right that she would deny others if they happen to not share her views. She counts on progressives to not show up with the same equivalent armaments, but when they do, she’s the type of person that will shoot first, and ask questions later, given this incident as an example.

  14. Given her choice of a, "packing position," it would be child's play to approach her from her rear right-side, slide her pistol out of it's holster & jam it in her ribs.
    If she were occupied or distracted by another, it would be even easier.
    A more aggressive person could just pin her left side against a wall or big object & she would not have her pistol anymore.
    This is a foolish woman, who has poor firearm protocol.
    Her grade: "D-".
    Stay well, friends.

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