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7.5" AR-15 Pistol – First Shots


First shots through the 7.5″ AR pistol I completed yesterday at the Spring Valley Shooting Range in Waynesville, Ohio. Sorry for my iPhone clipping the sound levels and my brother’s finger covering up the lower left of the screen.

Quick rundown of the parts I used for this build:

DoubleStar Stripped Lower Receiver
Palmetto State Armory MOE LPK
DPMS Commercial Buffer Tube
DPMS H2 Buffer and Spring
Aero Precision Stripped Upper Receiver
DPMS UPK (forward assist, ejection port cover, and charging handle)
Model 1 Sales Free Float Tube
AR15Depot.com 7.5″ Barrel
RGuns Bolt Carrier Group
UTG low-profile Railed Gas Block
UTG Front and Rear Sights

Ammo fired was PMC 55gr FMJ BT
Only 1 stoppage at this trip. After 60 rounds I had an FTE and the BCG jammed up. Cleared it, and it went back to running perfectly.

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  1. What buffer tube cover are you using?  I am building a pistol and I am going to get the same upper.  But I need a pistol buffer tube or a buffer tube cover.  I like the cover you have.  

  2. What buffer tube cover are you using? Nice pistol though man. Building one similar, im using a RRA upper. Is that what brand yours is?

  3. I did not. Just the DPMS carbine buffer that came with my buffer tube. But, I think a lot of the muzzle flip was from not running a compensator/flash hider at all. I've fired this build after I traded it to a friend and it did not have that issue.

  4. Hey, sorry for the late reply. I actually ordered a few things from them, but the barrel was the only "branded" part I got from them. I put roughly around 2-300 rounds through that barrel with no issues at all. It was fairly accurate for a 7.5" and being super cheap. But, it will get the job done where it counts. ARD's shipping is cheap and pretty fast, so I have nothing bad to say about them at all. Hope this helps.

  5. Hows that ar15depot barrel holding up? Is that all you're using from him? I'd like to hear some feedback please. I was interested in a pistol upper and varmint upper

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