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Tactical Light Comparison – Olight Baldr RL vs. Streamlight TLR 8A


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  1. And to think that these people could be drug addicts, domestically abusive and into sickening sex. Then they make videos like this one… Not saying him, but… They make video like this one…

  2. I just picked up the green laser version. So far, I like it. I haven't tried the Streamlight, but do have a Viridian C5L and like it – but the light is underpowered (except in small rooms). While I have only zeroed it in and tested the power, I've found that the light doesn't overpower the laser – even in small, white rooms. It's perfect for my extremely light duty, and if it holds up for a while, I'll buy a few more of them for the rest of my pistols.

    Thanks for the honest and transparent review.

  3. Harley wood .i called several times and left them 2 emails . That's not a way to treat your customers. I have several Olight flashlights I've never had this problem in the past. I'm sure it's a good light but I'm going to have my credit card cancel it. O Light can't call me back or email me it's been 5 days no response. I'm going to call Streamlight tomorrow if they answer the phone I'm going to buy theirs

  4. I'm going Olight Baldr simply based off of most bang for your buck. I'm admittedly a Olight fan boy so take that for what it is lol. The way I see it is I have 3 wml's from Olight. Between the 3 they have thousands of rounds fired through them without a single hiccup. Now I'm not an operator nor do I try and pretend to be one on my channel so my lights have been taken good care of and aren't beaten to death. For probably 98% of shooters out there I say Olights are more then adequate for protecting yourself and loved ones. Great comparison video brother!

  5. Very good comparison video Brother! About the same cons/pros for these as it was for the green laser baldr mini and TLR-7. My 2 cents…both are great lights and if whatever brand is what u know and it checks all the boxes for u, then stick with it. Me being a Marine Corps Force Recon veteran during the Persian gulf war years in the early – mid 90's, I get it, u want something "battle proven" like Streamlight/Surefire products and I dont blame you in that regard. But think about this for a moment, something can't get to be "battle proven" unless u use it right?! Streamlight/Surefire didn't start out that way, so I say give a new product a chance at least. A very low % of us are out on patrol looking for terrorists or clearing villages house to house. And before someone says "well what about law enforcement"? I got you covered on that one too…I'm currently a 23 year sheriff's deputy that has worked the midnight shift my entire career (so I use a flashlight EVERYDAY) and when I 1st started we were issued the (3) C cell battery maglight flashlights (remember those) then a few years later, I upgraded to the rechargeable streamlight stingers as my duty light ($150 back in 99'). Used that for about 13 years (went through about 6 of em cuz the battery would die out and not recharge after bout a year and a half – 2 years and u couldnt buy just a replacement battery. Then in 2016 I discovered the Olight R50 and man did that change my flashlight life. Brightest light I ever seen at 3000 lumens and micro usb rechargeable, man that light was (and still is) great! Then when Olight came out with the seeker 2 pro, man forget about it I was hooked! Fast forward to 2018 when Olight came out with the PL Pro valkyrie WML and that became (and still is) my light on my Glock 34 duty gun. I also carry a Glock 19 as my secondary gun concealed on my vest with a baldr mini green laser light (since it came out Aug. last year) and neither has ever failed me. When the warrior X turbo light came out, that went on my vest as well and I use that on my part time overnight security job at a construction site and it's a beast! Where I work is a warehouse building that is literally over 2 city blocks long on each side and that light goes from one end to the other! I'm NOT affiliated with Olight in any way, I'm just a very satisfied customer of the their products and I just can't go back to changing batteries every week or forgetting to bring (and sometimes misplacing) the big chargers of the other brands. Not to mention (as Harley stated) THE COST comparison! I currently rotate my off duty concealed carry between a Glock 43x, Canik TP9 elite SC and a Glock 26, all with a Baldr mini mounted on them, and I use a Warrior mini (in camouflage color of course) as my EDC light. Just think, as the technology evolves, so do we have to evolve as well. 30 years ago my main source of communication equipment was a beeper, Hardly anyone could afford to have a cell phones unless you were a Dr. or drug dealer. Now my 7 & 8 year old daughters have their own phones! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK BROTHER, I look forward to your next video!!! Sorry if I'm too long winded here, I just thought this needed to be said😀😁

  6. I have Baldr min (green laser) since flashsale. My baldr mini sits in the safe (never dropped or hit anything) and every month I take it out to chage, One day the laser gone out but light still works, thought was just battery died so I charged up overnight and next day laser still doesn't work only light turns on. After a while the light doesn't hold the charge and light dims after few mintures when fully charged. Sent my Bladr mini back to Olight and they couldn't find out what happen and decided to send me a new replacement. When I asked what happen, they never respond back. All in all I still like Olight but don't depend your life on technology. I have a video show "Olight mini (FAILED)"

  7. The only thing I wish that Olight would of done differently with this light is to make it compatible with the same magnetic charger their other lights use. I'm a platinum tier member and my only grip about Olight is in order to charge their lights you need two different magnetic chargers, a micro USB, and a USB C. I wish they would just use either all one magnetic charger or USB C. God bless and stay safe.

  8. I love my olight baldr mini it is still working even after dropping it a few times and taking it out and putting it back in holster a few thousand times.

  9. I am a huge Olight Fanboy! Love MOST Olights, however, I am on my 3rd Baldr from failure. I have had them replaced each time but 3 times in a row is no more for me. But their regular NON LASER Lights are AWESOME! But I am with you I don't like the laser lights, my eyes suck…LOL! As always great video! KEEP ON ROCKING!

  10. Both of my BALDR Minis will shift from simply holstering/unholstering…I can get them to shift with light finger pressure from either side as well. ESPECIALLY when mounted to polyframe pistols.

    AGREED, most folks will never have any issues with reliability…other than possible point of impact shift.
    Of coarse this is just my mileage with a sample size of 2.

  11. New to this channel, but I find your honesty and unbiased perspective refreshing. I also appreciate the format for your reviews. They are practical and allow an honest comparison similar to what I would do if I also have them side-by-side in my home.Thank you.

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