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CMMG Mk47 – Honest Review – We Had Two Problems With This Gun


The Mk47 Mutant is a great rifle but we did have a problem with a certain brand of ammo and a certain type of magazine. A simple and honest review you don’t want to miss if you plan on buying this gun.

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  1. The Mk 47 i do believe is a piece of crap not only that but a expensive piece of crap. You can't cross the two a AR & AK. if you want the best of the two world's Buy a AR and buy a AK, then you will have the best of the two world's in two rifles and you can own two rifles for the price of this piece of crap, This is my assumption.from seeing this, they would have to pay me to take one. And besides, from being extremely unreliable they look to be very weak made at the mag well looks subject to breaking with into.

  2. That's what happens when a weapon isn't designed right. Magazine has to sit in a correctly relative to the barrel. I'm amazed that they didn't bother to measure all the distances and angles in an AK in order to make it feed reliably from all mags. Using M4 feed ramps when the cartridge involved has totally different geometry is simply lazy. Surely a company such as CMMG had enough people to realize that people are going to use not just the magazines supplied but surplus Soviet steel mags and other ones too. I guess reliability of AK will elude the US manufacturers for a very long time.

  3. Mine runs fine on any ammo I've tried, just as long as I only use tapco magazine. Tried 3 different drums and about 7 different comblocs. Ist shot n.p. hardly ever got 2nd round to chamber. These mags worked fine in saiga. cmmg mk47 is far more accurate than any ak or sks I've ever shot, even better than bulgarian milled that I had.

  4. First the cmmg was not modified to use AK mags or to shoot 7.62×39 it was designed that way from the start not modified! Second it has an AK part, the magazine! Third it's not clear that the gun doesn't like wolf ammo, it is clear that it doesn't like wolf hollow points! Many AK variants don't like hollow points and many AR 15s are not fond of hollow points. Neither the AR or AK was designed to shoot hollow points. Clearly the gun didn't like the one metal mag you had but that doesn't mean it won't like other metal mags. You only fired 10 shots out of the AK with that metal mag and the AK malfunctioned 1 out of ten with that mag, so that mag is suspect.
    Next I'm not sure the rifle isn't as reliable as an AK, I saw nothing in this video that would lead me to that conclusion that you made.
    And before we get in to the AK vs AR reliability argument, go look at the AR and AK mud tests on the in range channel.

  5. i picked one of these up today due to a sale and either you got a dud or they improved the rifle, The only improvments that i added were a new 2 stage trigger, standard pop up sights, And a cheap X4 scope stolen off a .22 until i can find a good scope on sale.

    As i buy ammo when i see it for cheap i have a lot of diffrent brands and types through it, Used red army FMJ, Wolf HP and FMJ, tula FMJ, yugo surplus stuff from those wood crates, winchester, american eagle, gold tiger, silver bear, and some tracer, handloads and API rounds i had been saving, no feed issues with any, It ate all 132 rounds i fed it happily and had no issues other then manageing to whack the guy behind me in the face with an ejected shell when it went into an orbital trajectory.

    Used a mix of hungarian 20 round tank mags, standard plastic Pmags, some russian steel mags from a surplus bin, and one chinese mag, They all worked fine, Though the chinese one was stiff, But its stiff in my C39V2 as well.

    Accuracy was .62 MOA at best (hand loads) and 1.7 at worst (old tula), Either i had a good day or this rifle is better then people give it credit for.

    Mag reloads are easy or i may be good at it as my AK is my plinker, Everything is easy to reach and the gun fits my build and my hand very easily and is a very nice rifle to shoot, with a full mag mine comes in at 8 pounds even via bathroom scale (its the best i can do dont judge), The ONLY thing i found to dislike about this rifle is the charging handle is a major PITA and cant be changed because reasons, The lever however can be and i intend to find the biggest one i can get and use it.

    Honestly im impressed with the rifle, If i can find a local range thats more then 300 yards max i plan to test max effective range as i suspect with good ammo it will reach out and kill things at 400 yards, Maybe more.

    Hell if someone who has or can get to such a range to test actual max effective with good ammo i would love to see that as everyone just goes "7.62×39 sucks" without hard numbers from the rifle in question to back it up.

  6. I can see no reason to buy a rifle that is so magazine and ammunition sensitive. I've had my WASR 10 for over 10 years and I have not had the number of malfunctions in total that you had just in this short video. The beauty of the AK is it's utter reliability. It looks like CMMG has a lot of work to do before I would even consider buying one. This rifle reminds me of the M16A1.

  7. FINALLY choked and bought the lower end Mk47 but did drop in a Timney 3lb trigger. Having owned a number of AK's over the years I have a stockpile of 7.62X39 ammo and after testing I ran through NO PROBLEMS with the Wolf HP ammo in my Mk47, same with the FMJ and the SP…….all Wolf and all WPA…….not a single failure to fire.
    I really do wish CMMG would have put these guns out with chrome lined barrels but……….they didn't so I allowed myself to become a victim of the thievery a lot of gun companies are committing by saving money by putting out "nitride treated" or "melonite treated" steel barrels rather than spending slightly more during manufacturing and providing their customers with the proven long barrel life that ONLY comes with chrome lining….and NO, chrome lining is for MORE than protection against corrosive ammo, chrome is incredibly stronger than any steel alloy and none of the nitride,melonite or any other such "barrel treatments" have either stood the test of time NOR have they been able to pass the US Military barrel life tests so generally if a "black rifle" doesnt have a chrome lined bore then I will not buy it. I did "choke" and bought one of these rifles primarily because of the incredibly OVERBUILT bolt these guns feature. No way should one ever have any bolt problems with the massive bolts these mutants feature.
    Anyway, so far so good. I would never use Tula ammo unless for some reason it was all I had. The crap is filthy, inconsistent and prints all over any target one directs any firearm using the ammo. Don't believe me? Try doing a quick drum dump using Tula ammo and you will actually "feel" the action slow down as the mag count reaches even the end of the 75 round drum capacity. Nasty stuff. Only a half step up is that dreadful Red Star ammo. Also incredibly filthy ammo and also inconsistently loaded and very innaccurate. What mixup98 has against Wolf Ammo is apparently only something he has experienced as being an FFL holder for a number of years neither I nor any of my customers have had any problems whatsoever with the modern Wolf Ammo (modern as in since they started polymer coating their ammo and got away from lacquer sealing their primers as both Tula and Red Star still do (as well as Brown Bear). Hell, I simply love Wolf ammo and have had nothing but success with it in .223, 7.62X39, .45acp, 9mm, 9X18 or even their 12 gauge shotgun rounds. The newer Wolf ammo burns as cleanly as any practice grade American ammo and costs a fraction of what American brass cased ammo sets you back. Great stuff in my experience in every firearm I have tried it in. My guess is that this reviewer got an early model Mk47 that still had some "kinks" in it as after burning close to 400 rounds of HP Wolf ammo through my Mutant I have yet to have a single failure to fire.
    Fitted with a Timney trigger my MK47 using a 4X inexpensive scope can shoot better than I can as even with my aging eyes I managed sub 1MOA groups at 100 yards (though that test did use SP Wolf ammo as I was zeroing the scope for the upcoming deer season so I used the proven to expand Wolf SP round).
    Great gun but in hindsight I should have just not purchased the rifle and instead saved a bit more and gotten the new Galil Ace as those guns are getting incredibly rave reviews, have chrome lined bores and chambers……..and are more like an AK so they are probably the more reliable firearm should one encounter a SHTF scenario.
    Anyway, forget what this guy has to say about the Wolf HP ammo. In an early November 2016 purchased CMMG MK47 I experienced NO FTF's using ANY Wolf ammo. If such ammo ever was a problem with these rifles then whatever problem there was has been seen to and fixed.

  8. this video is over a year old now and cmmg has had time to hear customer feed back and has unveiled new models with various improvements, have you had a chance to run one of the newer models? Any product out there goes through consumer trials, rifles are no different

  9. I love your channel man… Thanks for all your uploads. I loved the one with the rifle you found that was kind of leaning up on a tree for decades. I have trouble with Wolf ammo (04:21) too with my AK varients.

  10. Did you by chance contact CMMG about your problems with the Wolf HP ammo? Though not through a CMMG MK47 I have fired thousands of rounds of Wolf HP through AK's and never had a problem. I would be interested to know what caused the problem you found with the HP ammo. They aren't exactly "flying pie plate" hollowpoint rounds………I would really like to know what on earth could be causing that problem as I am really looking for one of the "entry level" CMMG MK47's, AKA Mutant rifles. I wouldn't mind sticking to regular FMJ as those HP rounds don't expand anyway…just cannot figure out what could cause the problem you experienced.
    I would also wish that CMMG would have offered a chrome lined barrel on their not exactly inexpensive "Mutant" rifles. I am still not sold on the "new" barrel treatments and am, probably by habit a chrome lined barrel "junkie". Never have had one show any barrel wear even on an old SLR95 I have had since I still had some hair on my head.

  11. In my humble opinion just an AR15 chambered in 7.62 x 39. In a dusty environment that AR type bolt freezes, no forward assist and you are doomed. The real Mutant is the Sig 556R chambered in 7.62 x39. Have a nice day.

  12. When they make one of those things with a last shot hold open and a bolt catch then I'll get one. Furthermore, that price has to go way down because it is just a DI gun not even a piston like an AK47. The PSA model SK-47 costs a lot less and has the same performance.

  13. I bought an AKM 47 from CMMG and had similar issues. Doesn't like steel cased ammo or Tapco mags. Magpul mags and Winchester ammo worked flawlessly. Kind of defeated the purpose of buying the gun because it doesn't eat cheap ammo. Really fun gun, but not the reliable "Americanized" version of an AK 47 I had hoped for.

  14. re: left side charging handle

    Would be nice to have bolt hold-open and bolt release from AR platform. Truly best of both worlds is to tac-reload like an AK (use new mag to slap out old mag) but just bolt release on AR.

  15. was this gun new or has it had a good break in period before the vid? just wondering have a vepr shotgun jammed like crazy for the first 1to 2 hundred rounds now it is a reliable shotgun after breaking it in and getting it loosened up but still will not feed low brass .

  16. I've fired 400-500 rounds of Wolf ammo using cheap (korean surplus) steel mags w/o any issues at all. Are you sure your mags aren't just worn out–old used up springs, maybe not seating correct-bent feed lips? The Magpuls are great, along with a few other mags I've used as well.
    I have an CIA AK that won't feed brand NEW Tapco mags–I blame the mags, not gun.

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