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How to Remove an AR-15 Barrel


Fun Gun Reviews Presents: How to Remove an AR 15 Barrel. It’s simple with just a few tools. The upper has a Picatinny rail gas block and not an A2 Front sight.

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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  1. Ya used the armorer's wrench incorrectly when removing the barrel nut. It was backasswards.
    Also, to remove the barrel, you don't have to remove the flash hider, or gas block. Just remove the gas tube and use your armorer's wrench (correctly) to remove the barrel nut. Use a new crush washer and gas tube roll pin.

  2. THUMBS down, because you really have no idea what you're doing. I would never want you working on guns, you ruin and scratch everything you work on. You truly are a hack. You don't believe in perfection and keeping items nice and in perfect condition. Instead you're a hick who just shits your underwear and thinks it's great using it for gun grease.

  3. The way you removed the gas tube roll pin around 3:50 you think can be used to take the two pins out of the gas block? I have a Colt LE 6920 OEM 2. It has a low profile gas block and want to install the Geissele Mk 8 rail I got for it. Seems like those pins will be a pain to remove.

  4. I have a barrel nut that is stuck on my upper receiver so damn much I don't know what to do I've soaked it in break fast for 2 days and still won't budge! any body have any suggestions! ? I'll try almost anything at this point! thanks so much! and Sootch, thank you for all your hard work making these videos!

  5. So I have an Bushmaster XM15 ORC and want to put a .22 nosler barrel so it will be going from 16" to 18". What else will I need besides the barrel, probably proper length gas tube if it don't come with one…can I use the exsisting gas block..? Will a torque wrench fit on the armors wrench..? I'm going to Montana soon…and switching from .223 to .22 nosler for coyotes and p-dawgs.

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