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*NEW* Streamlight TLR-7 Review – Compared to other weaponlights (TLR7 vs the world)


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The Streamlight TLR-7 is the long-awaited (for me anyway) compact light from a company known for making quality products that push the boundaries. The Streamlight TLR-7 is no exception, pushing out a whopping 500 lumens, with a CR123, all while remaining flush on a Glock 19, and just as thin. If you’re looking for a new compact light, the Streamlight TLR7 is worth looking into. In this video, I compare the Streamlight TLR-7 to the Surefire XC1, Inforce APLc, Olight PL-Mini, Streamlight TLR-1 and some others.

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  1. Do you have any recommendations on what you consider the best light for an M&P Shield 9? The TLR-6 says it only puts out 100 Lumens… that seems weak. Just curious on your thoughts man! Thanks!

  2. My personal grip with the PL mini is that it really doesn't have as much of a defined hot spot as I'd like. My 100 lumen TLR-1s has a notably brighter sndpre defined hot spot.

  3. Hey guys I found an issue with the TLR-7&8 design, please put it out there. My battery kept dying and I figured out that the buttons would be depressed during carry as I use a Ramora Sticky holster. Do not use soft holsters with TLR-7 and 8's.

  4. I have the exact same issue with reaching the activation switch with my index finger with olight PL2 Valkerie which has the same ridiculously hard to reach controls

  5. Just picked up the tlr-7. Love the light, but hate the switches. Hopefully they do what you were talking about with the modularity.

    "Number 1 in all departments except for the switches" well put

  6. Looking for a light for my EDC G19. Tossed up between the aplC or the TLR7. downside is (as I am sure you know) not many people are making holsters for the tlr7/rmr G19 combo. I am a fan of the Agis and am ready to order a new AIWB holster from Tier1 to hold my edc with a wml, they do not currently offer a holster for the TLR7 though they will have one out by Summer they say. So do I get the aplC and a holster ordered today or order a tlr7 and wait to order a holster in a couple of months. This is TOUGH!

  7. Has anyone noticed that if you mount it to a hammer fired handgun ie: HK USP and fire,it switches on and off, but with my striker fired Glock same scenario it doesn't.

  8. Hey, just watched your review of the tlr7 and I really appreciate the detail that went into this review and comparison. However I do have a question for you. I current aiwb a TLR1 HL and like you, I really like it. However I'm strongly considering the tlr7 as another option, to have something smaller and more compact. Since I have no problems carrying the TLR1 HL would you recommend I pass up this light, or would it still be worth buying for that smaller more compact option, even with the switches in your opinion not being the best? Thank you in advanced for your advice.

  9. Just got my TLR-8 using it on a XD45. I 100% agree with you that the activation switches are a "reach" for my finger and I wear size large gloves. I like the light itself, it's a perfect size, and it's bright, but in a dire situation, in the dark, when your fine motor skills are diminished, it's a problem. At least for the XD and my average hand size.

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