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CMMG FourSix, CZ 600 Trail, New Kimbers – TGC News!


This week on TGC News Jon Patton talks about Kimber and Bul both have new 1911’s, CZ and Nosler have new bolt guns and CMMG brings the first of a kind to market!

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  1. Why 308? Availability, cost and to a lesser extent available data. Come On CZ that trail carbine was begging to be chambered in 6.5 Grendel and .300 BK just saying.

  2. I better start reading. While I subscribe to it, that .308 comment ought to trigger a few people.

    As much as I like CMMG…why? Besides “cool factor”, I mean.

  3. .308 is dead??? Shill. 90% of Americans own firearms for: 1. Self protection. 2. Hunting. You are the fringe. It seems to satiate youtube you pretend that distance target shooting is more than a drop in tue bucket of firearms sales/use. The manufacturing industry would never survive, catering to rich ponces. I used to watch evert vid you put out. Now I wonder why I stay subscribed, as nothing you put out interests me. What ever happened to your lawyer partner. He was worth watching.

  4. Great. So CMMG just added to the ammo drought. Creating a gun for a boutique cartridge hoping to fuel demand for 4.6×30 ammo…when we struggle to get 9mm, 5.56, .223, etc at reasonable prices. This ammo will take away “some” production for standard rounds. It’s hard enough to find 5.7×28.

    It’s a free country and CMMG can manufacture whatever they want. But right now?? Whatever. Market will decide.

  5. Top 3 ammo…… that’s a hard one it all depends on what you are running. Like for me my sidearm is Glock 17 9mm. Now an Ar15 that’s a bit different. What’s your set up, is it in 556 and 300 blkout and a barrel length of 10.3 – 14.5? I would want the best one that I know will Penetrate and hit the target that I’m aiming at behind a wall or brick wall so 300 blkout with 10.3 barrel or a 9 inch barrel. And the last caliber of course is 308 just because the ammo is everywhere and you can use it in a bolt action rifle or an ar10. But again it’s all on your set up.

  6. Top 3 calibers to own for me are
    6.5Grendel – my favorite all around rifle round
    17hm2 – kills thousands of gophers a year for me
    45acp – 1st 1911 just arrived and will get used allot

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  8. I want cheap and available with available being the most important. 9mm, 7.62×39, and .308. Those are my choices though .233, .300 blackout, and .45 are also important to me. But those are my favorite go to.

  9. I think people forget how diverse the 308 is, they readily make 30 cal bullets as lightest as 120 to 175, currently I can go into walmart across the country and buy 168 anmo. Yea. Not anywhere:)

  10. WTF ? Can't find ammo, if ya can it's very pricey at that. Does this remind anyone of 224 valkire. And all channels are hyping the shit out of this cmmg. Makes us Wonder 😒 TGC did you bump ur head?

  11. Maybe it's been said but you missed the big deal with the new cz bolt guns. They made barrels and bolt faces interchangable with just simple tools and no worries about headspacing issues. The barrels are not even threaded they just have a regulating notch like an AR barrel. Also actions can be steel or aluminum. Plus three different actions sizes ( which no one does anymore..cuz money) this is the most inovative thing in bolt guns to come out in years. I don't think cz is doing a good job of selling the potential of these rifles. Availability of aftermarket stocks is the only thing that would hinder these guns from taking off in the DIY croud. Oh! And they are controlled round feed! Well done CZ well done.

  12. I can't believe people are still doubting 6.5CM. Every modern rifle offered in 308 is now offered in 6.5CM. Ammo is just as available, if not more widely available. I can, and have, factory sub-moa ammo for under $1 per round in 6.5 (which is sub moa in every rifle I have seen shoot it); can't say that for 308. "But the military has used 308 for decades!" Yeah, and now they're moving away from it and in some instances actually switching to 6.5, so now what? It's better at range and bucks the wind better. I just flat out don't understand the fudd hatred towards 6.5CM. I own both, and more. The CMs get shot more simply due to better ammo being available for cheaper. People just need to shoot and quit worrying about others.

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