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Streamlight TLR-2 HL G vs. Olight Baldr Pro R | Weapon Mounted Lights with Green Lasers


You can get an Olight Baldr Pro R at

You can get the Streamlight TLR-2 HL G at

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  1. Problem is. Almost all great holsters use the TLR 1 as a reference and nothing else is claimed to fit. So other companies like Olight really limit themselves

  2. I'd like to see a video on holsters for these lights. Particularly Olight. I've been considering getting another weapon light and holster availability is a key factor

  3. Probably a dumb question but, Hey Mike what's your favorite flashlight?
    I'm about to pick up a security job and I want to get the right flashlight.

  4. Streamlight all the way compared to the Olight that is cheaply made, doesn't handle recoil, switches are junk. I see them fail a ton on handguns. Why anyone goes that cheap for a light is beyond me. Olight pays youtube channels to push their crap for "flash sales". Stream light has a long history of dependability, not as long as a Surefire but stay the hell away from Olight crap. CCW classes every weekend at the shop and we always see them fail.CR123 batteries are NOT EXPENSIVE. Duracell batteries are 2-2.50 a piece. Streamlight batteries are 3 bucks a pop. People spend more money on their dunkin coffee everyday.

  5. Streamlight…Olight…meh…both work fine and cost WAY LESS than a Surefire. I like and own all three but I can afford to put the first two on multiple dedicated firearms. Since I don't currently carry a firearm for a living all are dependable enough.

    I do really like the Olight magnetic charging setup and the commonality that I can use the same charger with all of their lights. I find myself grabbing the Olight mounted guns more often since I know they are always charged.

  6. I hope you’re wrong about people caring about the “unboxing experience”. If we’ve reached the point in time when people buying weapon lights care about the “unboxing experience” I’m worried.

  7. Olights are great. They make really nice quality lights… but they have a lot of issues compared to the competition
    – no high CRI emitters (90+)
    – no option for a more neutral or warmer colour temp (4000k-5000k)
    – proprietary charging
    – ridiculously overpriced

  8. You only own 4 Glock 19's? Gaston Glock would be sad! You need a few more G19's, that way you can do the ultimate light shootout – the TLR1, TLR1-HL, TLR2, TLR2-HL, TLR7 / 7A, TLR8, The Modlight PL350, the SureFire X300u, the X400, the XH30, all the Olight stuff, and the Crimson Trace stuff. Maybe BigDaddyUnlimited will send you a pallet of Glocks for this test?

    Good review of this stuff. It looks like the Olight would fit holsters for the SureFire, which are probably easier to come by than TLR2 – which would need a dedicated holster, since the TLR1 holsters out there won't fit the laser dongus growing out of its bottom.

  9. Good video..here's my take..

    Streamlight – 10 tap programming. High/low/strobe..or just high. Higher candela, which is arguably more important that lumens. Proven combat and duty reliability and durability. Better light distribution and strength for longer use.

    Olight – Has flash sales. Pays some influencers (not H2H) for good reviews. Built a rabid base of fangurls that think their lights are "JuSt As GuD" and will defend that..not based on critical thinking, but buyers bias. Are admittedly bright, but gets too hot and dims prematurely.

    For size.. OWB duty use. The size is meaningless. For IWB, the longer Olight will be more uncomfortable for many because the length will dig into the leg/hip or…package. The extra bulk under the frame/barrel doesn't effect carry comfort.

    I don't get free stuff of kick backs from either company. I've used both. Had experience with both customer service. And just want people to have the information they need for an educated decision. I have well over 40,000 rounds and countless hours and duty use on the Streamlight TLR-1 HL and can't kill it. And I've broken all 3 Olight's I've had.

  10. i gotta tell you mike you have been doing phenomenal videos lately! i watched every single one of yours even tho i can't even legally own a gun. but your presentation, grumpyness and dry humour really make my day and your channel is my favorite in all of youtube probably

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