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How To Blur Backgrounds – Depth of Field for beginners – Bokeh made easy!


In this photography tutorial for beginners I share three easy to follow tips for creating a blurry background in your photo (aka a shallow depth of field). Camera modes & settings explained for Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras.

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About this video :
In this video we look at a popular photography technique called a shallow depth of field which means creating a blurry background to make the subject stand out. We demonstrate how to do this using Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras so you can try this out for yourself.

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  1. Im a newbie on the field of Photography and been checking on some of vedios to help me with some cool tips but so I must say your your vedio are just the best and I can easily uderstand thank you so much for sharing with us

  2. You have done it again! I am finally understanding the most important basic features. Thank you so much for these informative videos. I look forward to watching more. New subscriber

  3. Got to agree with so many , Great teacher keeping it in a way a beginner can actually understand, Great job 👍👍👍

  4. Thanks for your video. It’s so useful. I have Sony 6400 and 55mm lens . I cannot get a sharp group photo even though I set f4 auto iso and 1/100. Would you kind to help me please?
    Hanh from Australia

  5. Excellent video in explaining depth of field. I have never found a video that teaches this so clearly. After many years I now understand the numbers on the lens. EOS Rebel T7 newbie USA Maryland. Thank you!

  6. What if I have a small telephoto lense that attaches to my standard 18-55mm? Will it have the same effect as a full telephoto lense?

  7. I'm new to photography. I have a lovely Sony RX100 miii and learning so much. Thanks for the vid. Now I know a lot more and was wondering how to blur background. Now I know. Cheers from the UK

  8. cheers mate, i needed to know this for my fossil photos, and other bits i collect, getting the right picture is hard but easyier now thanks to you brother. cheers. new sub also.

  9. Hi I just wanted to ask , to get a blurred background are these 3 different ways if achieving the look or do all 3 steps have to be done together. Thanks

  10. Hi, Mr Genius. I really do fuljoy your programs. I have always been stuck in Auto Mode all my life, LOL. Thinking Manual to be Far too Technical for me. On Watching and Trying your ideas and suggestions. I'm getting used to Shooting in Manual. And fuljoying doing so. It does make sense shooting in Manual. You are in Control of the Camera. Not the other way round. You Explain things very Clearly. Excellent stuff Man. Thanks for your Expertise. Respect!

  11. What about setting the focus to manual and then focusing on the object, even if it is not close or zoomed in? Would that blur whatever is not manually focused on?

  12. If u need blur in background then i have 1 solution for it very simple and easy..
    Background can b blurred if your object is far from background simple….

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