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Edc Streamlight Stylus Pro


Very good light for edc

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  1. @03Instructor Yeah my friend has one and its amazing. If you want to find out how it works I would go talk to MadBadVoodo, he has now. Keep the videos coming dude, you have close to one of the best channels on here in my opinion.

  2. @AppalachianFreedom I want to see one of those in person but I can't find them in the shops here. Not that its not a good light but some of the vendors like to carry surefire only with maybe a penlight and a regular streamlight on the shelves.

  3. @SFCGrazier thanks I got the original Droid. I want the Droid X since the video is suppose to be better. the recording for this video was on the youtube setting and not highest setting however your right the quality is pretty good. good enough for quick little videos for youtube.

  4. @03Instructor Your phone has that good of quality!! Dang man my 250 dollar camera cant even match that. I actually just bought a Flip Ultra HD Camera and that thing is the shit. I have never seen such good quality, I have to make a new video sometime using it. I would look at getting one on ebay, thats were I bought mine. Instead of spend 180 I only spent 100. Awesome video still!

  5. Not at all dogging the video, but I just have a question, why is the video sideways?

    I have one of these lights, I use it to inspect my guns. Probably one of the best gun inspection lights you can find.

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