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ATF Changes the Rules on AR Pistol Overall Length


ATF Changes the Rules on AR Pistol Overall Length

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  1. It doesn't matter what accessories you put on a pistol. Unless you make it IMPOSSIBLE to fire with one hand, it's still designed to be fired with one hand.

  2. Eh, screw them…If the Feds see my AR, what stock or fore grip it has will be the least of their concerns. Just another example of how a bureaucratic agency is attempting to MAKE LAW.

  3. So, with a stroke of a pen, an un-elected official of an unconstitutional organization is expanding the arbitrary definitions of various firearms within an unconstitutional federal law, making law-abiding citizens into felons.

  4. I was always told that a pistol with a foregrip on it became an AOW. Regardless of length, if it's actually considered a pistol and not a rifle , then length didn't matter, just what I have been told.

  5. They keep changing shit, cause people keep calling them with questions. I had a guy tell me, you better call the ATF about that pistol. I said it’s factory made, why would I call with questions. Sometimes are own 2nd amendment constitutes are our own worst enemies

  6. i wonder is it illegal to hold and fire a colt 45 acp pistol with two hands. so as i understand what you read it is illegal for anybody to fire a pistol with two hands. so we are going back to the 1970's when it comes to firing a pistol.

  7. Gun ownership should not be this complicated. This is away to discourage people from owning guns, taking guns away from people, and putting good people behind bars. Tyranny at its finest.

  8. The ATF should not be able to flip flop on what’s legal and what’s not. Any other law has to go through a process in order to be changed, but apparently the ATF can flip the script anytime they please. It’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

  9. Fuck the laws and fuck the corrupt atf. They aren’t stopping bad guys. They are changing the laws to make law abiding civilians criminals. Take a stand.

  10. I'm more confused than ever. Do I want my AR pistol to be less than 26" or do I want it to be more than 26"? What has actually changed? You measure from the barrel extension with the brace removed, out to the end of the barrel with the muzzle device removed. If it's less than 26", a vertical foregrip would make it a firearm, and therefore illegal without the appropriate stamp. An angled foregrip is okay? I just want to know if my AR pistol with 10.5" barrel, SBA3 brace, and an angled foregrip is legal.

  11. Of course tyranny continues way too many gun owners help it continue by supporting the troops , thanking cops for their "service" , and paying taxes (which is really just organized theft). What Founders like Jefferson & Patrick Henry meant when they argued against a standing army is that the government shouldn't have any standing forces with which to oppress us. Liberty is safe only when the government is disarmed & defunded.

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