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[REVIEW] The WHAT?? CMMG BASHEE FourSix 4.6 x 30MM


[REVIEW] The WHAT?? CMMG BASHEE 4.6 x 30MM FourSix


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  1. The 4.6 and 5.7 are both head scratchers for me. My first thought on both was, cool a modern upgrade for my 22 hornet (or 17 hornet in the case of the 4.6). You would think a cartridge with the same case capacity as the original but designed 100 years later could take advantage of modern powders and manufacturing to improve on performance, but it does not. Instead it actually has lower performance. It feels like a missed opportunity.

  2. I really hate the “why do you need that” argument. Y’all realize you sound just like gun grabbers, and every time you say a gun is pointless or silly you add to their argument.

  3. Did you see that Big Daddy Unlimited is now on Team Kyle? Haven’t said a thing in support for him this whole time, now they are trying to profit from his court case. Time to say bye bye BDU.

  4. A smaller and weaker round that is unavailable, just what I wanted. For the price of a Banshee should come with 2 mags. That would be a great platform for the .30 carbine.

  5. The Gun tubers shill has been hard on this one. I’m so thrilled that you all were able to find ammo…er were provided with ammo to create your advertisements. Yay….

  6. I love ALL which is CMMG.
    I just don't get this round. CMMG will have done it well, of course, but what is the point?

    It is too slow to make temporary stretch cavities permenant.

    The weapon footprint is roughly the same as any other pistol AR, so why not use 5.56? It is cheaper.

    Resolute, 10mm Banshee, I don't see why go with a 46.

    I've been keen to the Booneville boys since the mutant, but the 4.6 round is like every other HK boondoggle.

  7. Johnny makes me really want to own a CMMG, but I really don't see the point in this one. Unless you already have an AR in all the other calibers and are just looking to round out the collection.

  8. I want to see how it does against the 5.7*28 as far as performance. I haven't heard anything about that yet but the way I see it if it can't at least match the 5.7 why bother.

  9. Always good to have options! This one not my cup of tea, but might be the guy's next to me. I don't care what you shoot as long as you do so safely.
    With that said, does CMMG make a 105 howitzer chambered Banshee?

  10. Doesn’t 27” take it out of pistol status?
    I say this because I built a pistol that can be used “shotgun” zone in MN and in a deer stand. What I got out of it was I will get fined and harassed if a DNR measures more than 26”. It’s so damn confusing I could be completely wrong.
    “Ka chu chu”

  11. I so badly wanted a CMMG resolute 300……but waiting for over 20 weeks and still no gun….i cancelled. The fact They dont answer emails or questions quickly either makes me hesitant to try and order again.

  12. Ok, I already hate paying the price for 5.56 one of the most popular cartridges in the world,
    I would tripple dog hate paying the price for this boutique round.
    Ammo that expensive should have a warning about having a weak heart.

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